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Valkeakoski has excellent training facilities
SportWaltikka for gym facilities, sport fields and arenas to team accommodation

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Valkeakoski’s location in the centre of southern Finland offers one of the best sports and training venues for teams of all ages. The Waltikka Tournament is familiar to many aspiring “Jari Litmanens”, giving each young player the opportunity to compete with their own age group.

SportWaltikka is located close to several outdoor sports fields, two DiscGolfPark- frisbee golf courses, indoor sport facilities and gyms. The Wareena Ice rink is home to not only ice hockey players but also has sessions for figure skating as well as an archery and airgun shooting gallery. Winter sport camps are well catered for with extensive indoor and gym facility offerings, as well as a rich selection of winter sports training and championship-level competition sites.

For the many sports teams looking for affordable accommodation, SportWaltikka can offer group packages to the teams.

SportWaltikka is located on the shore of Mallasvesi Lake in the city centre of Valkeakoski. Our hotel has over 80 comfortable rooms with free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi).

Team needs are well taken care of with hotel facilities. We have a total of 5 different types of saunas and a heated outdoor hot tub.